Real Property Reports (RPRs)

A Real Property Reports is a survey performed by a Alberta Land Surveyor which clearly illustrates the location of significant visible improvements relative to a property's legal boundaries. This report can be used by buyers, sellers, lenders or municipalities as an accurate representation of the details of all permanent fixtures on a property. Getting an RPR on a property being purchased is very important, as it will indicate exactly what you are buying and issues that you may need to address. 


Subdivision Surveys

A subdivision is the division of a single piece of land into multiple smaller parcels. After the subdivision, each divided piece of land is registered as an individual titled parcel. We can assist you with the process of subdividing your land. There are a number of Subdivision surveys which include Condominium plans, Descriptive plans, and Bareland Condo plans. Please contact us for more information regarding creating new legal parcels of land. 



Property Boundaries

Whether your goal is to install a new fence or to settle a property dispute, we can help you figure out exactly where your property begins and ends. Let us know what we can assist you with and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.




Topographic Surveys

Topographic Surveys are used to identify and map the contours on the ground and existing features on, above or below the surface of the Earth. These surveys are used for those who want to develop their property with new additions or new landscaping features. These plans can be used to obtain development permits for whatever project you intend to complete. 



Construction Surveys

Construction surveys are a crucial part in the process of commercial land development. These surveys will provide a clear outline of the construction site and will identify the challenges or opportunities a project may involve. Some services we provide include but are not limited to: property line stakeouts, lease area drawings, grade staking, as-built drawings, and building layouts. 



Development Permit Application Plans

Many of the City's development projects include mandatory submissions of your property's plans. Let us know what kind of project you have in mind, and we will provide you with the necessary drawings to ensure a successful permit approval.